Dear Faraday Future and Mr. Jia Yueting,

I’ve read the official statement from Faraday Future (hereafter referred to as “FF”) in response to our previous report, in which Mr. Jia’s passion and painstaking efforts in car-making were again emphasized. In the statement, FF also denied any fact that is mentioned in our previous report and invited me to visit FF’s factory to carry out a field research and make my judgment. As the leader of TMTPost’s industry research and analysis team, I am absolutely honored by the invitation and feel obliged to accept it, though I suspect that the invitation is merely an effort to shift the public attention away from our latest report on’s IPO matters. Even so, I would love to accept this rare opportunity to visit FF’s factory and conduct an investigation.

However, when I say research, I mean a serious field research, or investigation, that is aligned with professional journalism standard. It’s a research, not whistle-stop, not “maneuvered visit”. It should be composed of careful observation, in-depth interviews, instead of casual conversations, shallow Q&A session, rounds of banquets and toasts. Therefore, I will accept your invitation only when you agree to all of the following requirements. Then I will book the tickets, plan my schedule and set off to the U.S. immediately.

  1. I will be doing a detailed and thorough research. Whether it’s the car production process, or the battery making, or the performance test and test drive, I would be there. If I won’t be able to observe in certain areas, then I consider them as non-existent. You can’t just say such places or such technologies, or things, or whatever do exist when I am not able to see them. Therefore I would go to every corner of the facility to see what is really happening at Faraday Future. In addition, security service should be provided for me when it's necessary.
  2. I will need to conduct thorough interviews for the field research. During the interview process, any of your staff is not allowed to follow me around. I would choose the interviewees, plan the schedule and interview plan on my own. The interviews will be conducted by me, and me only. I am proficient in English and therefore interpreters are not needed. To ensure that I won’t disrupt the staff’s work at the facility, I will try to limit the interview duration to 30 minutes. Under special but necessary circumstances, the interview duration can be prolonged with the interviewees’ consent.
  3. The field research would be recorded, both in the forms of audio and video. When the content concerns confidential business information, I can sign a confidentiality agreement with Faraday Future. The recordings will be the evidence to prove the credibility of later reports, ensure my safety, and prevent false accusations. I also want to make it clear that during the entire field research and report writing process, I would not take any money from Jia Yueting or Faraday Future. This also includes the trip expense. This is my promise.
  4. To safeguard my personal safety and the field research, one or two of my colleagues at TMTPost will be accompanying me, as well as a local bodyguard in the U.S. They will be participating in the field research.
  5. I should be able to experience a test drive and a video recorder should be installed on the vehicle. There should be more than 50 people at the scene as witnesses. The car will be inspected by a local professional appointed by me to ensure the safety of the test drive before it starts.
  6. Most importantly, Mr. Jia Yueting should be present at the company and I should be able to interview him. And the interview with Jia Yueting should be arranged on the very first day of the field research. I assume Mr. Jia will be at the company anyway since Faraday Future is an essential project for him and this shouldn’t be difficult to arrange.
  7. The duration of the field research should be at least five days. This is already the minimum time required for a field research.

At last, here I also want to take the opportunity to send TMTPost’s invitation to Mr. Jia. The 2017 T-EDGE International Conference will be held during December 15th to 17th this year. It’s an important annual event in the tech circle in China. This time we are organizing a tech forum on cars as well, which will take place on December 17th. Industry leaders in China and I myself will be participating. We welcome Mr. Jia to join us and share your entrepreneurial stories on LeEco’s car dream. And you have always wondered who is our source on the matters of LeEco, right? I promise you I will invite the source to fly from Hong Kong to Beijing to be present with us and for you to meet.

Once again I want to thank you for your trust and your attention. It’s my sincerest belief that people who take investigative journalism seriously must have a great heart. I would present genuine reports on the things I see during the field research and strictly follow the ethics as a journalist. Looking forward to seeing you in America!

Best regards,

Zhao Hejuan, founder of TMTPost.

November 1st 2017


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Translated by Garrett Lee (Senior Translator at PAGE TO PAGE), working for TMTpost.





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